Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Off The Shoulder- How I Love Thee

Part of me trying to get it together and own less/spend less also involves some exceptions like buying dresses for special occasions like weddings! For the last few years I've probably attended at least one wedding every year. In 2016 my partner and I attended five weddings and I'm not tired of them yet! I love being able to share in such a momentous occasion and seeing the couple just celebrate their love and union.  And it doesn't hurt that my partner and I love to dance. We are usually the first ones on the dance floor and the last ones when the party winds down.  Feel free to hire us if you want to get the party started LOL!  So this year we have a few weddings to attend so I've been surfing the internet checking out what's out there and my heart keeps going back to the off-the-shoulder styles. I love them for both fancy and casual occasions. Below are some that are wedding contenders and some casual looks that I like but will steer away from buying. Enjoy!

I love the bold color and sleek cut on this little number.
The bows are a cute touch.
Simple and a sexy, but not too sexy (at least in my opinion)!
A lovely blush ruffly dress. 
This bardot dress on Lace and Locks is so amazing.
Asos (OMG it's still available!)

This one is a too casual for a semi-formal or formal wedding but it's the perfect summer dress!  Too bad it's no longer available. 

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